Thursday, May 22, 2014

Children In The City (5 of 7)

Unschooling in the city.
Ideally, the entire city and the hinterlands are the school. Children will want to know what their
parents do, and their interests shall expand as time goes on. I think Montessori had some very good
insights to child development, and I suspect availability of farm based work for young teens will be
vitally important for mature development.
But the city itself is a strewing of ideas, and children will grow by exploring her. Classes for
subjects not easily transmitted on the job or in play will undoubtedly spring up, they will be asked
for by children, not forced on children.
For children there will be family level learning, city level learning, and then world level learning.
Much of the latter will consist of learning what the world does that the city does not and vice versa,
such as the city goers being rather anarchistic and liberty minded, but voluntarily keeping to rules
and systems that seem to fit with evolutionary parameters so that their minds, bodies, and
consequently their decisions end up fitting. Or downplaying doctrinal, superstitious, and/or
authoritarian modes of religion for a praxis of communal dedication to perfection.

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