Thursday, May 22, 2014

Culture (4 of 7)

Culture is a city level good.
Cities, as I see them now, are a dead thing. We have a mega-urban system, not owned by a monarch, and
therefore structurally it is used as a political cookie jar. Politicians and employees, using the 'people
as owners' model have no one to answer to. They write the laws, so they carefully construct the
laws so that what they want to do doesn't result in jail time, unless on of their kind betrays them- I
am thinking of James Traficant here.
So, we are now in a downward spiral, with urban culture being synonymous with rap, and the
purveyors of rap being so fundamentally impoverished of any sophistication that we now see a new
fusion of rap and country. The braggadocio of the redneck and the thug is what the best distribution
system on the planet- the internet- has to provide. Well, the internet can provide a lot else- I simply
point out the sadness that our current popular musicians in no way compete with the popular of the
Implicit in this situation is the need for a monarch, or at least some sort of hierarchy. Sans any true
hierarchy, a hierarchy is formed, if only in the minds of women, of the brutish. It is worth pointing
out that even the most anti-patriarch feminist, the ones most vehemently against any sort of
hierarchy, are guilty of creating hierarchy. Men are often content to leave such questions
unresolved, but a woman desires to know what her social place is and how to improve it. Under the
current conditions, neither men nor women feel the need to improve themselves, so they tend to
continue to exist at whatever level of crassness they started at. The fifteen year old's inclinations
remain unrefined and are even dulled, like their palate is with all the blunt, sugary, salty, processed
crap that they eat.
The women do not improve, and men tend to improve based on what woman either want or say that
they want. If men pay attention to what women say, they very often unintentionally feminize
themselves and basically destroy their chances. If men pay attention to what women do, they seek
to become larger, more thuggish, more dangerous- at least more dangerous looking. The rise of
tattoos, MMA, etc...
An individual may not have particularly sophisticated tastes, but over time, the condition of
monarchy encourages improved taste. The feminine ambition to improve her social condition and
that of her children leads her to place strong emphasis on social and cultural aspects which will be
appreciated by prospective suitors from the first family, or even the higher classes. This is one of
the reasons Erasmus should be heeded and first families should generally make it a point to marry
into the citizenry and avoid foreign marriages. New blood can be advantageous, but it is better for
foreigners to marry into the citizenry, possibly into the upper class even, but some care must be
taken for the city's ethnicity to form, so a foreign genetic influence needs to be spread somewhat
within the city before it becomes part of the first family's line. This probably sounds odd to
American ears, but think of it as a democracy of blood, rather than this false democracy of voice.
If the people generally feel a relative of some intelligence is in charge and cares, they should feel
like their interests are more likely to be considered than some shill politician who encourages them
to hold forth on all sorts of issues they don't have a clue about.

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