Thursday, May 15, 2014

Grass Fed Cattle: A Good Investment If You Have Any Real Money

I keep seeing the price of industrial beef rise. The organic, grass fed stuff seems to stay the same, but I suspect we will see some increase because of fuel prices. Now, the label organic also incurs cost, because there is paperwork and a government involved in that label. So, drop that, and focus on grass fed, no-antibiotics, and no-anything really, except holistic management.

Herd genetics, plant diversity, a longer time on pasture. This is why I am thinking this would be good for a big investor- a lot of the solid benefits are outside of the realm of the average couple coming to farming for the first time. They tend to be locked into whatever types of animals are near them, and locked into the quickest possible turnaround. The quality of the meat suffers under these conditions.

Additionally there are land issues. In terms of investment, the Eastern U.S. is probably the way to go. Not as much worry about drought. Earthworks may be necessary depending on the land. Again, major earthworks are something large investors can handle pretty easily, whereas as a small farmer is lucky to manage just buying a farm.

Permaculture may be embraced by hippies, but this is the sort of design structure that works well for investing corporations.

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