Friday, May 16, 2014

Post Diet Immune System Issues- Another Thing That Isn't My Fault

Petro Dobromylskyj mentions something pretty important in a post about starch:
Lutz was such a nice chap, certainly in his writing. He was perfectly willing to work at mere LC levels rather than VLC (72g/d was his advice) and he was very up front that LC would not work for everyone. For inflammatory bowel disease (he was a gastroenterologist) he expected progressive improvement over two years, not two weeks. He discussed that people experiencing failure of LC for weight loss might eventually need to go to simple calorie restricted diets (and I guess he knew they would fail on that too). He had an awareness that exposing an immune system, crippled and ineffective through years of hyperglycaemia, to sudden onset normoglycaemia might render if truly functional for the first time in decades and so exacerbate auto immune attack. Being a medic he would just reach for a 5 day prednisolone course as a simple expedient. For MS patients, many of whom respond very well to LC diets, he took them to around 100g/d initially then down to 72g/d after a few weeks. This is old stuff.

To the unitiated, what that means is that Lutz and possibly other folks, already knew long ago that if you decided to get yourself healthy, go on a diet, and normalize your blood sugar, you would very likely end up with some sort of autoimmune problem. For me this ended up being I.B.S. and maybe this neuralgia is part of it too.

First, this is yet another thing that stupid doctors don't know, which they should and be able to help.

Second, I am glad to find this out because, obviously, I question my own actions and whether or not I did something to screw myself up. Well, I did go and lose weight and everything, but this is nearly universally regarded as good. I don't feel bad about doing that. I was sometimes wondering if the natural reaction to experiencing a range of strange symptoms- getting stricter on diet and food quality- hurt me. Well, it turns out it didn't help, but it isn't responsible for the trouble.

This is one that ought to be shouted out to a lot of other folks. I think losing weight is easier than ever now, and I have already seen plenty of people on-line going through this same crazy issue- just about the time you should be enjoying being in the best shape of your life, you suddenly come down with some mysterious syndrome.

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