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The Clutter of Small Things

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====== Clutter ======
Created Sunday 16 August 2009

It is only in the clutter of small things in which one can make believe the larger things are not.
Thus the residents of Pompei did ignore the fire breathing giant, focussing on the myriad things of daily life.
Much is said today of the god who meets us where we are, and God does meet us where we are, but in the explication of such things we must be wary, for God is more than who we are, or where we are. His intelligence is unlike our own, His powers beyond our understanding.

We risk constructing an idol with words and deeds, worshipping a god who merely uses our hands, and loves with our hearts, and is concerned with our concerns; a god who is us, not a God Who Is uniquely.

It is no accident, then, that so many go to the desert or the wild places and experience God. The clutter of human sized things, things that are easily within our understanding, are not in the desert. The sands, the rocks, the heat, the animals, etc... all these, though they may be classifiable, are not predictable, not anthropomorphic enough for us to take shelter from the idea that there is something larger than us. It becomes a vital concern to either forge a relationship to this great unknown or find some way to hide from it. Those who seek shelter in cities may for a time seem sane, but inevitably hiding from it leads to madness and death.

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