Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Roof for Meditation

Meditation is generally regarded as good, except possibly amnesiac Christians who don't know their own history and the importance of meditation. This is why we've got this whole hippy Buddhist thing going on in this country. If you start being a problem, people will route around you, go elsewhere, and start to achieve some of their goals.

Meditation is usually taught via a practice of some sort, which is cool, but that tends to require students to be of a certain age. I think there is a way to just have a strong inducement to meditate in the environment:

Construct a roof so that when it rains, the resulting noise encourages meditation. You are going to have noise anyway during a rain storm, might as well make it conducive to meditative states.

The unschooling movement mentions strewing, by which they mean finding stuff that children might like to learn and, well, strewing it where the children are likely to notice it and take and interest. This would be like a deep, kung fu version of strewing, for when you actually end up talking to the child about any sort of meditation practice, he already has a multiplicity of experiences. This would be vaguely akin to having land with an actual stream on it, and then going about trying to improve the water quality, or route it somewhere- versus starting with completely dry land and trying find some place where you could dig a well.
Metaphorically, for the child in this scenario, the river is already there, so any formal training would be focused on cultivation, rather than trying to draw up the water.

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