Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Any Follow Up On The D.C. Cops Shooting A Supposedly Crazy Lady?

I came across Miriam Carey is still dead. This may be yet another story that journalists appear to be unable to do any reporting about:

Now knowing that there was no barricade ramming, no drugs, no mental illness, the story of Miriam Carey’s death becomes even less interesting, and yet more a story of importance. If, as believed, this was an overreaction by police to a woman who made a wrong turn, who then shot her to death and is now burying their mistake by invoking excuse number 4, and no one cares, we’ve got another problem.

We should not let crazy be an excuse that the government can use. For anything, not just this thing. There's been too much nonsense in the news lately after Rodger, which basically amounts to- let's double down on the completely failed therapeutic process that almost certainly turned this kid into a narcissist and disassociated him from his emotions; empathy being the key one here. Yeah, I know, you want to medicate the kid so he doesn't pitch a fit for not getting the right color shoes at the mall, but there are other important emotions that lie down the same pathway.

One should be especially angry when the government uses crazy as an excuse, because if you look at the flawed nutritional advice, lies about biological differences between men and women, the elevation of these psych charlatans to 'expert' class, sending kids off to unjustifiable wars and medicating them to boot, the daily bolus of disinformation shoved out of every mainstream media outlet, etc... - crazy is just what happens if you follow along in good faith with the mainstream. Oh, I forgot to stick school in that screed! Or prisons.

Unfortunately, it seems like, in the capitol of our great nation, officers can just gun down a woman, fire volleys at a car with a baby inside of it, and pronounce it all above board and decent by saying she was crazy.

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