Monday, July 28, 2014

The Mercenary Corporatist State: A Militarized Border Coming Soon To A Neighborhood Near You!

Jack Spiriko (hopefully in this podcast) just provided me with some understanding.
He points out most of these so-called children are single young men who are almost certainly in debt to the cartels. You don't get shuttled through Mexico for free, and poor families in chaotic countries are unlikely to be able to pay.

Jack suggests, and I think it highly likely, that these young men will be in the employ of the cartels. This is an army.

I have been looking at this whole idea of Gazafication, and wondering how exactly it will be employed.

You might be able to find earlier blog posts where I was actually hopeful about corporations like the one formerly known as Blackwater, because I was rather unthinkingly free market. I am still free market today, but now I realize how joined at the hip corporations are with the government, and vice versa.

Israeli politicians enjoy the ability to interfere massively with Israeli life, thanks to holding a bunch of Palestinians in what amount to an open air prison. Some of these Palestinians are fond of sensational but tactically and strategically pointless violence. Whenever the politicians need overt control, they can seize it under the pretext of protecting the people.

Meanwhile, the mercenary corporations have their own set of incentives. Their clients are politicians, but a mercenary corporation is not fond of the idea of destroying itself in total war. It is worth noting the last clear period of mercenary war- the Italian city states. The mercenaries benefit by manning strong defensive positions and engaging in relatively little war.

If things go the way I am thinking, we will see violence break out as these young men go to work for the cartels. Eventually we will see a concentration of them in poor parts of various cities- these spaces will become the equivalent to Gaza. Militarized borders, drones, etc...- much of this stuff will come to American cities, and it will generally come with American citizens asking for it, because they will make people feel safe.

The people most in trouble are those who are already here and/or U.S. citizens who live in a predominantly Spanish speaking neighborhood because these young men will be inundating those neighborhoods first. If Compton is any indication, they will likely displace African Americans as well. When the mercenary solution is suggested and deployed, it will be to protect the upper middle class, and may even be mostly private- in the sense that if things get bad enough, I'm sure even the average HOA will buy protection from MercCorp.

That said, there will still be a U.S. military. The MercCorps don't want the cost of training their own soldiers- they like picking from the cream of the crop, after the U.S. taxpayer has sunk thousands of dollars in training into them. So there will always be a low grade crisis that culminate in operations like the one Israel is currently prosecuting in Gaza, to the purpose of shaping and maintaining whatever agenda is on the politicians' mind.

Israel started out as, and continues to be, a socialist country. They have figured out that a constant state of war contributes to the socialist agenda, since most of the productive people continue to produce and be docile to their chief enemy, the government, out of fear of the Palestinians.

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