Wednesday, July 30, 2014

The Wrong Kind of Memories: The Wrong Kind of Thought

There is a certain subsection of society for whom the entertainment industry has provided most of their life examples. In other words, instead of having real world experiences which brought them to understand this or that particular thing, they've got a particular episode of Seinfeld that made an impression on them stuck in the back of their mind. I suspect the people most effected like this are believers in gender as a social construct, and people who appear to be concerned about how many roles and what types go to women/minorities/gays/dolphins/or whoever they happen to be identifying with at the time.

In some ways, you can short circuit these people, because they probably only need leftist television to consume in their free hours, rather than the promised leftist utopia that the old left was always promising, but never came. There is only ever more revolution, and revolution is theft, so eventually there are a lot of poor revolutionaries with nothing left to steal. But if utopia is coming home from your food service industry job, nuking some GMO popcorn, and watching a bunch of ninety-eight pound women beat down men large enough to be linebackers..., well, things get easier for the purveyors of the utopia product.

It is doubtful, barring some unforeseen and prolonged absence of entertainment, particular of the kind that reinforces demonstrably false conclusions, that discourse alone shall prevail.

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