Monday, August 25, 2014

Another Reason a King May Be Better: A Sense Of Being Personally Responsible

This is an unsatisfying blog title, but I suppose it will have to do, as it is basically correct- I think ancient leaders, especially ancient Christian leaders could be moved by an appeal because they had some sense of being personally responsible for stuff happening in their realm, whereas today's corporate actions can trend to grave evil, and yet nobody feels personally responsible, because every individual involve has carefully followed the rules.

They teach us to feel personally responsible for a very small set of things. Often it is a process- this is why, for instance, conservative Christianity is so often centered around a 'correct' liturgy. Or, you can look at this attempt to make us ignore the unlikelihood of ISIS as any sort of long term entity and initiate conservative support for fighting them. Whatever, just don't pay so much attention to my examples that you forget the point.

The point is, Obama ain't no lord. A lord has some sort of propertied interest in his realm, and as such, he starts getting worried when crap isn't working right. And our bishops aren't thinking like lords either- if they were we'd see some serious attempts at intervention in the area of family formation. Lords are thinking past election cycles, past whatever it is bishops think about- which is probably lunch- and into multi-generational stability. They aren't opening the barn door and welcoming people the realm can't sustain.

A sense of personal responsibility might lead to things, like considering the times and seasons, and making sure the planting was done so that people could have a harvest. Another time cycle longer than pay-check to pay-check.

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