Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Principle Shall Be Buried Yet Again

It seems rather impossible for men who, upon finding themselves with the resources to do a thing, to then refrain from doing it.

This is why you don't militarize the police. It would also be nice if you'd train them to protect citizens and their (citizens') property.

Eric Raymond knows a bit about defensive shooting and the New York Times has an autopsy drawing:

Everything I see here is consistent with the report from an unnamed friend of officer Wilson that Brown charged Wilson and Wilson shot him at very close range, probably while Brown was grabbing for Wilson or the pistol with his right hand.

That's what Eric Raymond thinks and I am inclined to agree with him. Where does this leave us? Stupid politics.

Conservatives will look at Ferguson and think, well we need militarized police to deal with people who protest and loot without regard to the facts.

Democrats will keep doing what they are doing- call other people racist when they aren't in charge, and turn a blind eye to every black man dead in their jurisdiction when they are.

This may be very lucrative for politicians, but the principle will be buried, and the tanks will roll more often on American streets.

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