Friday, October 10, 2014


Geoff Lawton went and found one of those huge swales made by one of FDR's work programs, which resulted in a self-seeded oasis in the desert. So this made me daydream of what could be done.

What if you could get some of those huge earth moving machines- I think they use them alot in Australia, probably in mining, but they ought to be adaptable to be made into swale making machines. For swales to be functional, some math needs to be done regarding how much rainfall, so there would quickly be these green bans in the desert of whatever size is determined to be optimal, but much of the desert would still be dry.

Alan Savory has been suggesting for years that the solution to desertification is properly managed grazing. While it may be true it could be done with grazing alone, Lawton's video suggests to me the process could be sped up considerably.

The cattle spread the biodiversity around, eventually making the parts that still look like a desert look more like the green oasis.

This is the exciting stuff. It is hard to get excited about trying to do something about my home, because my home is in a city, and there are all these damnable rules, many of which result in problems, like not being able to raise meat animals, and a multitude of slugs.

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Mrs. Deering said...

I feel your pain on the city dwelling. I can't have chickens or let my kids play outside the way kids need to. Someday.