Friday, October 10, 2014

A Question for Those Who "Engage" The World

The guys over at Creative Minority Report let me know that Notre Dame Now Offers Spousal Benefits to "Married" Gays and Lesbians.

Notre Dame is supposed to be Catholic. Catholics are supposed to be Christians. Logically, this shouldn't even be happening.

Now, I have had these little discussions with various folks in about building a city. Now these folks understand this idea in a mystical sense, but one of the telling images I have in my mind is that God might tell them to do something, but then the devil will show up and says 'Evangelize!' The result, of course, is no city, nothing that would even iterate into a city, but instead a form of evangelization so devoid of Christian doctrine that it may qualify as new age crap.
See, these people seem to think that engaging with the 'world' rather than pulling away from it, is the way to effect the world. These people also appear to get quite the dopamine hit when they are socializing in large crowds, so maybe I was not actually dealing anything more than a junkie rationalizing his next fix.

Anyway, to the question- When will you walk away? Here's something I wrote about University of Minnesota back when P.Z. Meyers (a professor there) was desecrating the Eucharist:

All PZ shall prove is his own depravity, and perhaps inadvertently, whether or not the State of Minnesota still protects property rights. I do suggest any Catholics currently at the University of Minnesota watch the outcome of this very closely. It may behoove you to tranfer to another university. We may need to shake the dust off our feet a bit more often in future.

There are actually people at both of these places, who are in the People of Praise, who are mostly Catholic, but who appear to be suffering from this evangelical disease, which is actually just a progressive mindset dressed up in religious symbolism. I know some of them, which is why this question occurred to me.

They obviously have no effect on Notre Dame, unless one were to argue that they have had a negative effect and are in some small part responsible for how far this institution has fallen for providing 30+ years of ineffectual Christianity. Disengaging not only makes sense from a standpoint of self-preservation, it also makes sense from a creative standpoint, because you can't build anything while engaging.

Seriously, when do you walk away?

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