Thursday, October 30, 2014

Proof That Not-Voting Is More Effective Than Voting

Recently, the Americans for Prosperity sent me what they call a Voter History Report Card. They are showing me what I already know: I have not voted. Their records appear to only go back to 2010, but I stopped voting in 2008. They think it is my civic duty to vote, but I just emailed them to let them know I think it is my civic duty not to vote.

But consider for a moment the nature of this mailing. They had to go and dig up my voting record and then send this thing to me. And they did it twice. Not only that, but it says they will send me another one after November 4th.

Now, all the voting I ever did never got me this level of attention.

My guess is that the Republicans are looking at the poor turnout with a worried eye, since they ought to be able to clean up the next few election cycles. If they can't make it work, despite Obama's incompetent lame-duck act, then we will see the potential for real change- the sort of change that makes elites uncomfortable.

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