Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Ferguson Script

I am suspicious. Unfortunately, the left, and most black people are not going to listen to me, and they may well bear the brunt of a Thanksgiving surprise. A good chunk of the left thinks that protest is vital, but to me it is a little like, well, doing symbolic crap and not achieving anything.

But, so far, at least, I see the Ferguson thing as resulting in reinforcing existing biases among those still believing in the left/right dichotomy the elites propagandize us with in order to camouflage their activities. The main pay off that the elites are looking for, at the end of the day, is the idea in the minds of the non-protesting kind that maybe, just maybe, they need a militarized police- because protesters are scary, especially when it looks like they won't accept autopsy reports as evidence.

There's an episode in the first season of House of Cards where Frank Underwood and his lackey keep vigil over a police scanner. They were just waiting for the right event to happen. If you think about how many black men get shot by police in this country, well, I could pick many where the police malfeasance is inescapably obvious. Why did the usual political suspects show up in Ferguson? Who calls Al Sharpton and tells him to go there, rather than to shootings in California, Louisiana, Illinois- any one of a dozen places where even the KKK would agree murder of an unarmed man was perpetrated by cop?

Instead it looks like various government agencies are gearing up against a bunch of people who don't understand tactics, and will likely be at a serious disadvantage, despite looking dangerous on television.

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