Monday, December 15, 2014

Being A Doctor Is Rapidly Becoming Synonymous With Being An Idiot

Michael Hayden defends CIAs awful level of evil by telling us (and Jake Tapper) that we can't possibly comment on what he is now terming a medical procedure.

As terrible as this sounds, this is actually quite similar to things that happen to Americans, in the good old U.S.A., when cops think maybe they are hiding drugs or something. The police take the people to the hospital, and then doctors perform various invasive procedures in an attempt to find contraband.

None of this crap is decent medical care, but some idiot who is called a doctor is probably signing off on this crap.

My boss is still running around with blood sugar too high. They took two vials of blood from her and sent her home- and then prescribed medicines, two of which are unnecessary and too damn expensive, plus set up appointments for other things not pertinent to the issue.

Meanwhile, she personally is the one who said, oh, maybe something is wrong, let me check my blood sugar with a meter anybody can buy. Why couldn't the doctor have checked with a similar meter while she was there? Why not some insulin to bring it down immediately? Yes, I am aware there are likely some quibbles- like maybe you should know how high her insulin is before you give her any, but the thing is here the guy seems more focused on putting her on a statin than taking care of the blood sugar problem.

And now Hayden is spouting this crap. No Hayden, we aren't doctors, but we know that was torture, and we know good medical procedures end with us getting better, not with more and more pointless bullshit being done to us in the name of some 'standard of care' which is increasingly more likely to harm us than help us get better.

If you are a doctor, you better start saying that in an extremely apologetic way. You do not have my respect unless you demonstrate competency.

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