Friday, December 12, 2014

The Allegedly Smart Black Man

So, when idiots who are complaining about the correlation between Neanderthals and intelligence can't understand plain English, I mock them, and tell them to bring me this completely free of Neanderthal dna black genius. It is not for me, although I suppose I could use a drinking buddy, but it is for my poor misinformed opponent- I figure either Mr. Black Genius can explain things to him or just tell him to shut up.

This is a bad example, and one that comes up from time to time:

He may well be a genius for all I know, but if he is, he is an evil genius, spouting stupid crap that white liberals like to hear, so that he can make money.

If he is a smart man, much like if you dear reader, are smart, you have to understand something:

Photons per square inch versus the energy release from oil.

Aliens may or not be unhappy about the murderous nature of our species, but if they are intelligent, much like if any of you are intelligent, regardless of the color of your skin, they will understand that the oil is more valuable than the photons because the oil is more concentrated.

Just think in terms of food. I could literally die trying to eat enough lettuce to keep me alive, or I could let cows roam around, eat grass, and then have some butter, or slaughter the animal and have some meat. Concentrated calories- the only real way to have a 'plant' based diet by the way.

Concentrated energy versus diffuse energy- starlight. No intelligent alien is going to have a problem understanding which one to value. One can also be charitable, and assume, given this perverse regime's insistence on badly educating everyone, that intelligent people could be going around just assuming starlight would be a viable option to run the world if the white people would just stop hating on it. But, now that I have introduced you to the reality, you either pass or fail based on your ability to understand that, for many applications, there just won't be enough photons per square inch, and therefore oil, which is much more concentrated, will tend to be more valuable.

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