Thursday, December 11, 2014

The Downside To Cultural Insulation

There is a thread on the 23&me forums that was dedicated to people reporting their Neanderthal dna percentage and IQ. There was a sixty something year old woman who monitored the thread and kept track of the correlation. She would often try to keep the thread visible by making various comments, and thus she would get some of us to post our scores- and of course, I started commenting on occasion too.

We got regular race based crap. I began to just make outright fun of it because they just won't listen to reason. Intelligence is a multi-gene phenomenon, so a Neanderthal/intelligence correlation does not preclude Africans from being smart, just like the correlation between cancer and smoking does not preclude a non-smoker from getting cancer.

One of the most vocal idiots didn't get what I just posted there, and I called him on it.

Additionally, since most of these retarded comments tended to include a 'black people are smart too' I started saying they need to bring these black geniuses with zero Neanderthal dna around. Perhaps, it is the color of my skin- which they can't see on the internet- that is causing them not to understand what I am saying. Maybe a black man can explain it to them- or tell them to shut up.

The community manager of 23&me has shut the thread down, which is what all these stupid cries of racism were about anyway. Thanks morons.

My boss has been walking around with blood sugar in the 300-400 range, so she finally went to the doctor. She's come back with all sorts of irrelevant tests and procedures that the doctor says must be done, the most annoying of which, in my opinion, is the imminent threat of a statin.

These are both downsides to insulating myself from this moronic culture. I don't watch T.V. and I pay attention to research, and I am amazed that so-called professionals can be so behind, so fundamentally damaging.

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