Thursday, December 11, 2014

White God

Not to be confused with this movie by the same name:

Who knows? It is Hungarian, and depending on what's going on there, I suppose this could be a metaphor for some racial tension there. Could also be some crazy feminist's daydream.

But, for me, white god is the compliment those who cry about race keep implying- although I doubt they are smart enough to realize that is what they are saying. How else does it work? They miss the libertarian points, the inherent problems with big government, only recognizing there is a problem when the agents of the state are bearing down on their necks- and then what? It is because the agents of the state are white, not because they are agents of the state, bent on believing it is righteous and true to jump a man for allegedly selling loose cigarettes, because you know the state needs to get it's cut of the tax booty.

See, I can't even play this game, because I know it isn't the color of the skin, but the purpose.

But every day it is implied that government would work if it weren't for the preferences of the white man, like we are gods with superpowers, capable of telling the sun to rise, or the seas to subside, if only we stopped hating. Actually, we did stop 'hating'- the reason a tattooed up idiot gets to be a cop is because we can't be discriminatory about anything anymore.

They don't want to accept the reality of intelligence, and are helped along by cultural Marxists into disbelieving IQ results, but the net result is that we and our products are magic. We are strange gods to supplicate or blaspheme, depending on circumstance.

And since it is intelligence and not magic, the whiteness gives no real indication. Reproductive trends have been dysgenic for a while now. Rewards tend to flow to the scam artists now, rather than true inventors. The Chinese know what's coming- they are frantically trying to figure out the genetics so as to avert the wages of their one child policy, not to mention the mating habits of the few women they do have.

I don't know that this sort of thing ever becomes apparent to all. But I know I am not a god. Not yet anyway. Let you know if God ever lets me level up. Until then, take your complaints elsewhere.

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