Monday, January 12, 2015

Solidarity: A Narcissist's Way of Making Your Death About Them

You are not Charlie.

Of course, I've been seeing this stuff in Ferguson and New York too, but not really seeing it, just sort of looking at the edges- that attractive space where it looks like maybe some of these protesters can be rehabilitated to the point where we could collaborate and actually get stuff done.

But I am afraid it isn't true. The revolutionaries are all about the process, and never want to have a solution. They will continue to develop policies that involve not allowing individuals the power to defend themselves, and then have a march whenever someone that they perceive as their own goes down.

In a nutshell, they won't implement the correct policies because they want it to happen again. Rather, they shall implement policies that inevitably result in tragedy, and then have another protest. It's like they get high off of outrage. This is why they keep saying police act like they do in America because they are racist instead of noticing the police have been turned into part of a revenue generating system. This is also why reasonable policies in France are dismissed with similar reasoning. Ultimately, of course, whether or not your interlocutor is racist is pointless when one is actually engaged in determining the truth. What will solve the problem will solve the problem, whether it is uttered by a racist, or Mary freaking Poppins.

Who wants the truth, though? Not the revolutionaries. The truth stops their merry-go-round. The truth stops them getting their high. Doesn't it seem a massive incongruity that many of those responsible choose to march in Paris? Who are they marching against? The answer it seems to me, is that they are marching for their own ego.

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