Thursday, January 15, 2015

Which City Is Least Likely To Be Bombed?

On my more pessimistic days, I wonder what isn't on the the Russian and/or Chinese bombing list should hostilities break out. I figure various military/political targets on the East and West coasts go first. There's an airbase near here, so we are probably on the list; but I suspect it may be harder to hit, being more in the middle and all. Who knows? If the rumors are true, and our military research has stagnated, while Russia is enjoying more innovation, then maybe even this little town is in trouble too.

Then there's that other thing- the thing the U.S. makes happen to the Middle East- most places we meddle. Whatever existent state there was dissappears and it doesn't actually get replaced by a legitimate state, not one thought legitimate by their own people, anyway. Occasionally, the state department can keep a little puppet alive, but it rapidly turns into no state. We like to pretend Iraq, Syria, etc- are still there, but they aren't, and what is there, well it depends on the block.

By default we've developed a no state solution. I suppose you could call it a multiple weak states, but it doesn't sound as catchy. You just need some pretext for statehood, and the ability to hire some thugs. Come to think of it, easily defensible land is probably the most important part. This is why Iran is better off than Iraq & Syria.

It can happen here too. Who knows what our leaders wanted when they started this crap- what matters is that folks have adapted to it. The good, the bad, and the ugly have all figured out how to dance with it there, and people learn from each other. The bombs don't necessarily have to drop. Just crank up the ethnic tension.

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