Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Privilege Equals Intelligence

Supposedly, I have white privilege because, you know, I am white. I have heard people get a little more sophisticated than that and describe white privilege as things that are definitely not me, like being from a family that has benefited from some particular historical oppression myth or other. Some folks are really pissed off that their families didn't get forty acres and a mule, whereas some white folks did, or something. My family didn't get any of this stuff.

But I still have privilege. I know this because there is deeply important privilege research going on:

asian american privilege? a skeptical, but nuanced, view, and a call for more research – a guest post by raj ghoshal and diana pan

I can imagine their ideology is like a battery- the battery is leaking and burning important things, like neurons. They appear to be aware that something is wrong. White people and Asian people have this mysterious and somewhat similar power- WHAT COULD IT BE? The acid, it burns! Our entire bullshit construction is disappearing, unless..., unless we decide Asians have privelege too! But then, we aren't really sure that we want to say Asians have privilege too because that would sort of dilute the imputed racial nature of privilege.

Meanwhile, the studies into intelligence place the Asians at the top. Us whiteys are just second tier. The non-priveleged folks are further down the list. The disparity these ideologues see, which makes them suggest breaking down Asian populations by origin? Intelligence again.

The I.Q. research spells it out, the privilege research repackages it for leftists.

The insanity continues.

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