Friday, February 6, 2015

What The Hell Is Wrong With Europe?

The Euro guys are sending ultimatums to Greece, trying to force new government's hand. Meanwhile they appear set to make a trillion more Euro or something.

Europe also seems to be shooting itself in the foot with regard to Russia. I generally tend to assume it is American meddling that led to that problem, but conflict in Ukraine could easily spill out, into other parts of Europe.

Meanwhile Russia has made a few overtures to Greece. It would be interesting to note whether or not these largely atheist/socialist politicians in Orthodox countries can develop the sort of tacit co-operation with their national churches, at least to the extent Putin has done it. One can't assume much devotion on these people's part, but conceivably, what seems like a willingness to reject feminism and side with the church on certain issues could provide a haven for civilization.

Russia also has stuff, like oil.

Now America has some stuff too. In many ways American foreign policy is dumber than Europe's but, America gets to rest on it's laurels. The dollar is still reserve currency, though it will lose it's pre-emminence fast, since various nations are already attempting to do international deals without it.

So there's all kinds of rumbling, but there is one team really vulnerable on the field, a team that never was a nation- indeed, one of the reasons Europe was such a center for innovation and growth was the long period of decentralization and competition. The Euro was never really a currency either, by which I mean certainly all the world nations' currencies are fiat currencies by now, but most of them at least have a historical link back to something more real.

It appear to me they are setting themselves up at the first victim. Maybe they think Russia is the first victim because of the ruble devaluation, but chances are they will be able to hold out. They've got real assets. They don't necessarily have to rely on international markets, and despite our media's pretense that they are isolated, there are countries making deals with them.

Whatever the play, when you start sounding dumber than the crap coming out of D.C., you start to get my attention.

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