Monday, March 16, 2015

Helping People Increase Upper Body Strength Is Better Than Evangelizing At Them

I listened to Super Human Radio #1598, in which Carl Lanore interviewed a Dr. Michael Peterson about conflict, ideology, and the psychology of friendship and followership. Dr. Peterson said that people with conservative views tend to have more upper body strength, as well as other things, like the nature of perceived threats encouraging folks to pick either a masculine leader or a more feminine one.

The entire conversation reinforced my conviction that people are just straight up wasting their time evangelizing, in most cases. They both missed the reality that, obviously, our oligarchy here in America is quite aware of this pattern and are offering a masculine candidate with the attendant masculine emphasis on certain issues in the Republican party, and that the Democrat party is the feminine version- they both end up doing the same things in the end, though.

So evangelizing in this late stage, terminal cancer of a society is worse than noise, it is hoping to recreate the cancer. It is like trying to cause an algae bloom on the oil slicked surface, while ignoring the deep dysfunction below.

We need a place to heal. Real food, proper understanding of environment (how your environment effects you), and how to become strong. The dialectic is, in many cases, just noise, because if you don't heal the body, you also don't heal the mind. So you talk to the person, and the person is not well, and the person's mind takes whatever it is you said and runs it down the same broken track in his head. In most cases, you are sick as well, so whatever it is you said isn't actually helping.

A lot of people can't put the stuff I put together together and then implement it in their lives, and I am not as far along as I want to be. I know there are a large number of people who need a place where the environment is appropriate, so they can heal, and the conversation would mostly be about bringing their normal environment more into line with the therapeutic environment. As the body heals, the mind follows.

One of the things I want to note is that the word 'conservative' may well be a trigger word for you. I myself was wondering about it, because I think I have walked away from many ideologically driven positions that would normally come under the conservative tag, but after some consideration, what I think Dr. Peterson is seeing here is the sense of agency a healthy person has.

I can solve a lot of these problems myself, and/or with the help of like minded people IF various morons, some of whom are capable of ordering people with badges and guns to come stop us, get out of the way. Indeed, you may know a moron or two who chose not to 'build a city' and instead chose to run around doing various other things and getting themselves really sick and in need of healing themselves. To be against this sort of top-down nonsense and its attendant drain on our (especially my) resources is what is at the core of the 'conservative' in this study.

The sick person doesn't have this sense of agency, and additionally, want the government, doctor, moron with some token of authority to actually be right, and will act as if it is so to his detriment precisely because he is sick and doesn't feel like he can expend very much energy on fixing anything. A good example is climate change- if you are a sensible creature, you have figured out that via properly grazing cattle, planting trees, and building soil, you can trap plenty of carbon in the soil, so farmers, landscapers, etc...- can take care of this supposed carbon problem if the government leaves them alone. So this means two versions of 'conservative'- one is stop wasting our money on government boondoggles to fix something we can fix ourselves and two, stop subsidizing bad farming practices.

Upper body strength is, no doubt, very proportional to overall muscle mass, which in turn, increases the likelihood you are physically capable. This is ties into my last post. The physiological state conducive to prayer does not have to be achieved at the expense of muscle. Now, you can very well have the intention of sacrificing for God or whatever, but if it is not conducive to His ends- and we do have that not very mysterious statement about coming so that we may have life and have it more abundantly- then your intention is worse than meaningless. It is the triumph of emotion over objectives. We are long overdue on actually working on objectives.

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