Monday, March 16, 2015

Wheat: The Other Thing Making Me Feel Vindicated

Woo has been figuring out wheat is an opiod:

Maaaaaaan, I was fucking CRUSHED when i pissed on that stick and it bled purple all over the place like i was doped up on heroin. Now you might be thinking "oh woo but ur peetones are large that's good". NO ITS NOT FUCKING GOOD, THIS STRONGLY INDICATES WHEAT IS FLOATING INTO MY BLOOD MANGLING MY NERVOUS SYSTEM LIKE AN AUTISTIC SCHIZOPHRENIC.
This is beyond horrible!!! Gluten is in my blood! In my brain! IT SHOULDNT BE THERE. There's bread crumbs in the gyrus of my skull!!! Like old couch!!! HORRIBLE!

I think it is gliadin, not gluten, but Woo has not bought a box of gluten and tried it yet, and I am not sure I want to try it. Ok, ok, I know if you are new to Woo, you will think I am linking to some schizophrenic New Jersey chick, but no, you are wrong. Woo is smart. This internet thing allows you to see the internal dialogue, and for most of you, this is unsettling experience. I think most people are like my ex, who admitted she liked to put on the television when she was alone because she was afraid, whereas people like me have to turn the T.V. off because the internal dialogue gets interesting.

Anyway, Woo used to make fun of my type of paleo, given that I avoid the wheat. I even went further down that rathole than I needed to before I realized excess sulfur was causing me problems. But I am still mostly going to avoid wheat, and you should too, because you are high..

Now that it has been brought up again, I can remember going for those big carb breakfasts (Shoney's, Ihop, Denny's, etc...) and coming out high in my twenties. At the time I thought it was just me, but by 08 I knew the wheat was addictive. The Paleo stuff helped me lose more weight than I ever had before. The mechanism of weight loss was still the old fashion low carb diet- not much different from Atkins induction phase. The Paleo stuff just helped me adhere to it better than I ever did before. Splenda, wheat, peanut butter- these are high on the list of addictive substances that eventually bring you back to bad eating.
I suspect sugar is actually less addicting than these three I mentioned.

And this ends up making me feel vindicated because it turns out it is a big deal, and it is obviously affecting the mental state of a lot of people. It no doubt reinforces erroneous thinking.

Now Woo may end up still making fun of paleo, and she may turn to eating boxes of gluten (if it is gluten that is doing it) because it is cheaper than kratom, and she just happens to be looking for opiates for a reason, rather than just being hooked on them by the food industrial complex. But it is still legit to point out people fasting on bread and water are getting high, and then cranky because of the subsequent blood sugar crash. Unlikely road to spiritual enlightenment. You decided to live like you were impoverished and ate cheap macaroni and cheese for a long time while trying to change the world? Congratulations, you damaged yourself and probably need a therapeutic environment in which to heal.

Unless you can do it yourself, in which case, you had better be comfortable with social isolation.

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