Monday, April 27, 2015

A Clergyman Steps In The Right Direction

Byzantine, Texas has given me the news, that an Orthodox priest is no longer requiring or signing marriage licenses:

Because the State of Illinois, through its legislature and governor's office, has now re-defined marriage, marriage licenses issued by agencies of the State of Illinois will no longer be required (or signed) for weddings here at All Saints in Chicago," he wrote in the parish newsletter.

Father Patrick Henry Reardon wrote these words to his parishioners in the parish newsletter. This is good. I think it is somewhat unfortunate that it takes until now, that more clergy have not noticed the destructive purposes to which the state has put the marriage license, but it is something. I do hope others follow suit, and bishops begin agreeing with this as well.

There would need to be some legal advice as well- spouses would no doubt need power of attorney, at the very least, and perhaps a partnership through which to hold and develop assets for the children.

This is one of the many things sorely needed, because you can't fight the good fight when your own people expose you to injury.

A step in the right direction. Let's hope it is the beginning of a long walk, and not merely a step.

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