Thursday, April 23, 2015

When Even Daydreams of Paradise Bother Me

Ever watch a type two diabetic chow down on a Subway combo meal? She's complaining about loss of vision. I don't know if the vision would come back or not, but she'd be seriously better off just not eating at all for three days. Or find a freaking keto recipe book and and try that. But no. Must slowly kill herself in the most suburban ways.

At least I can pretend my vices aren't directly killing me, although they do manage to embarrass me greatly from time to time.

Anyway, the paradise part is that I have recently been paying attention to the fact that the Puerto Rican government is trying to be the next Singapore. If you have passive income and you are American, it is probably a good time to move. Additionally, a corporation domiciled in PR can get a 4% tax rate. And PR people don't pay federal income taxes.

And PR looks pretty nice.

And, conceivably, one could actually replicate a full ancestral diet down there. One third meat, one third seafood, and one third pretty things that grow on plants. This is the paleolithic African rift diet, or at least, well educated guess. In some cases it isn't advisable to actually try and recreate this diet- if you are the one eating that damn Subway meal, you should not be eating those attractive sugar bags the plants try to woo us with. Not yet, anyway. Some people manage to reverse the disease completely.

Why is paradise annoying the crap out of me? I am paying attention to it, and can tell there are really interesting opportunities there, but I don't have the resources to take advantage of them.

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