Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Just Say No To Remakes

The Jeb is on the move, and making presidential noises, complete with the amnesiac's claim that ISIS is the result of our non-interference- as if a crew kitted out with American-made and/or bought gear appearing suddenly in lands the U.S. has been destabilizing for years isn't USG's fault.

A Bush/Clinton horse race in 2016 would be a test of the American people. Will they revolt? When will they revolt? The oligarchy may be like a little kid poking an ant hill with a stick, trying to see when and where the ants will swarm.

Surely it would not be too hard to write a script people could believe, rather than insist on the one that will reinforce the sense of disenfranchisement.


The Anti-Gnostic said...

In my opinion, the test was flunked in 2000. In a healthy system, after John McCain lost every single Republican presidential primary he should never have been heard from again. He would have been ridiculed as patently repulsive to the national electorate and therefore completely irrelevant to national policy debate.

August said...

2008. I certainly thought McCain as a Republican candidate was a betrayal, and of course I wouldn't vote for a Democrat. The thing that stopped me from looking at voting as anything other than a farce was that both candidates went back to Congress to back the bail outs. It was in McCain's best interest to say no- that is, if he actually wanted to be president more than serving the interests of the oligarchy.

There are repeated tests, and I flunked them until 2008, and most of my fellow Americans continue to flunk them. I listen to good men, even men who know a lot of this stuff already, and they have this suicidal sense of morality, a morality that essentially says that we must always and everywhere be at a tactical and strategic disadvantage. It is worse than having your backs against the wall, because at least then you have your backs covered.