Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Feminist Critiques of Fiction Finally Good For Something

I gave the first season of Game of Thrones a shot- gave up when the Ned Stark character was killed. I was already not liking the sex and violence in the first season, but Stark was a sympathetic character, one with the potential to be heroic. So, I can take some of this crap that I don't like so much if we are establishing the opposing characters' evil ways and the like, but to drag me through all that and then I take away the one guy I can root for, well, I have other things to do with my time.

One of the things I find deeply concerning with SJW, feminist, and adolescent talk is how often it is centered on fiction. I remember coming across some nutcase dissecting a sci-fi film because a woman in the jungle had shaved armpits. Apparently she couldn't notice practically every ripped guy on film shaves his armpits too. It is doubtful the director is going to stop everything and force them to grow armpit hair for a more accurate portrayal of a dystopian future.

But perhaps these nonsensical critiques of fiction have finally brought something useful up- I stopped the violence long before the feminists did. I turned Game of Thrones off in 2011. The feminists, meanwhile, have enjoyed countless brutalities right up until recently.

So, presumably, if you want less violence, let me rule, and don't let feminists anywhere near the centers of power.

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