Wednesday, June 24, 2015

A Note On The Anti-Confederate Hate

I have, over the course of time, generated this hypothesis that the revolutionary period in the 1800s got rid of the nobility in the Western world, and in general, things have been dysgenic ever since.

Oh, hey, the civil wars was in that time period. Could it possibly be that the Northern bourgeoisie decided they wanted to destroy the American aristocracy, and that they did indeed, do so? The one rather annoying thing, to the Northern elite, is that the South tends to try and write its own history every once in a while, despite the old adage that the victor gets to write the history.

Well, we've got plenty of the historical record. A bit of Northern propaganda was noticed recently at Ad Orientem.

Now, the congressional record alone would be enough to see that, long before the war, the North and South were engaged in a political battle for control of the government. The primary problem was the destabilization inherent in adding all that new territory. New states diminished the political power of the old, like universal suffrage (and relentless propaganda) has rendered the vote meaningless. Additionally, it doesn't make sense, from a structural standpoint, to scale up a system that was working reasonably well for thirteen former colonies, and stretch it from sea to shining sea.

So, suddenly we are having a conversation about the battle flag, again.

I can't help but relating this to Jesus saying, "The poor you will always have with you."

There is no similar saying about the nobility. They can be struck down. They can be rooted out. And then we end up with a bunch of people who are essentially bureaucrats running the show. This is bureaucratic hate. They must blot out the memory of an aristocratic class in America, a class that dominated the foundation of this country.

#An extra note: Do not pretend this post is racist. Anyone, should they put away the foolishness of this age and struggle in the appropriate direction, can improve themselves, and they can make choices to improve the lot of their future generations. Of course, this means competition to those in power, so they'd no doubt prefer us to squabble with each other in the streets.

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deconstructingleftism said...

My thesis is that the English Civil War was a revolt by the lower upper classes against the upper upper classes, putting England under the control of globalist traders. These people then colonized where they could, and used "democratic" or communist revolutions to wipe out elites in places they couldn't control to facilitate business dealings.

No former English colony and no Protestant country ever went communist. Exceptions are east Germany, which the Russians got control over after rolling over Catholic or Orthodox eastern Europe, South Africa, which they couldn't totally control because of the Afrikaners, and Rhodesia, which was settled by English farmers not interested in racial equality- like the American south. The rule mostly holds though.

The Confederate flag represents a civilization based not solely on slavery, but on the desire to be free of suffocating moral improvement imposed from above.