Wednesday, June 24, 2015

USG & CyberSecurity

The very word cyber suggest to me the person using it has no idea what he is talking about. If he is from the government, then my sense of his incompetence is complete, excepting that his suggested policies will almost assuredly enrich someone or the other, so perhaps he is evil. Perhaps stupidity and evil exist on a continuum somewhere.

Recently a lot of data was stolen from USG. The reason it was stolen is because USG did not use encryption. This is the type of thing I can do personally, and have. I know it is easy to set up, but a little annoying, especially in the past, because accessing things would take a little longer. So, I know why they wouldn't want to do it. Furthermore, I can imagine the few people who really knew something being shot down in meetings because the people who didn't know anything were in charge.

I can even imagine someone like Robert Hanssen bringing down the wrath of the know-nothings upon himself for the simple fact that he seems like the sort of guy who wouldn't have shut up about it.

I know how to do these things, so I know they have failed us (and themselves) miserably. I also know any 'cyber' initiative is completely bogus.

I wish this information would spread to more people. The people who failed to implement encryption should be fired, and any politician or military person who says the word cyber should be laughed of the premises, and relieved of command. The incompetent ones rely on the public's ignorance.

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