Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Vague Idea on Fighting The Mainstream Memes

The way to break the egalitarian impasse is to have more people interested in ennobling themselves and their progeny. This includes people of all races.

A useful construct is to imagine those against ennobling as being in Connecticut- White Female Cultural Marxists who don't want us to think IQ is meaningful, or that any testing is, because testing usually proves they really suck as school teachers. Additionally they have fifty thousand useless degrees and very few men that they perceive as higher status than them, so they are often quite unhappy.

The male elite are trouble too, but if they have any testosterone left after these last few generations of the dysgenic nonsense, they happily marry down, and their ivy league colleges are full of young women from the lower classes.

The ice queens are the real problem here. They have a conceptual problem with the idea of other people becoming noble because they like their status too much- so much, in fact, that they have already sacrificed happiness. And they just can't stand the idea of someone below their status rising above them.

So anti-racism is a way to keep the poorer whites down, and to erase from memory the historical reality of an American nobility, and those who employ these anti-racist tactics are the ones responsible for encouraging the opposite of trying to attain nobility.

If we can promote nobility among all, then one day the day comes when the cultural Marxists are outed, because the very people they pretend to help will tell them to shut up and get out of the way.

We assume that everyone is different, and we have different genetics, but this is a starting point, not an end. According to my genetics it is extremely unlikely that I should work out, or do very much exercise at all, and this was true until three or so years ago. Now I have a habit very much contrary to my genetics, and some ideas as to how to promote it among future generations, should I ever have children. Genetics are a blueprint- epigenetics determine how that blueprint gets translated into reality.

Either we get through to people with something similar to this idea, or you have to ask yourself what fresh hell shall we discover when the children of these women with tattoos on their neck grow up.

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