Friday, June 5, 2015

An Experiment With Actual Cream

I have long thought I couldn't eat very much heavy cream because I would get sick. It turns out it is not the cream. It is the junk people put into cream. Usually it is an emulsifier of some kind, and even companies like Organic Valley do it- they just do it with organic versions. I suppose if they were out to kill somebody, they'd pick organic cyanide.

For the past two weeks, I have proven this to myself, by getting most of my calories from heavy cream. I whip it up with a stick blender and throw some berries in, with zero side effects because the particular producer of this product has put only one ingredient in the carton- cream. No carageenan, no gums, nothing. I don't think it is organic- I mean it probably meets the standard but most small operators down here can't afford the extra paperwork- and it is pasteurized. It turns out keeping all this crap out people stick in to make a more consistent product is more important than all sorts of other stuff.

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