Monday, June 8, 2015

Why Liturgies Don't Work

Research on liturgies leads one to the understanding that liturgies are corporate worship originating from a particular place and time. They mostly come from cities. Now there are very good liturgies from very old cities, but they don't work particularly well in America, and may not even work in the old cities where they came from, because the civilization has been rather successfully destroyed.
In America, presumably, the same effects that were present in dozens of old cities could be present today, and a liturgy could be made manifest, except that the social sophistication necessary to create such things doesn't exist. We are not one, even when we say we are. There is no matrix for understanding one another, and we cannot therefore stand upon that understanding in order to embark on such an undertaking as to corporately worship God.

Instead we have marketing- religion as consumer good. We do not escape this by being for tradition. Meanwhile, the ignorant, the foolish, and the downright self-destructive are encouraged to be more so, and are either brought to office or claim some sort of office.

The vast majority of people are incapable of taking instruction, and then, should you be one who can take instruction, it will not take you very long to realize those allegedly in charge of instructing you need to be charged with a general rule of silence, lest they lead anyone astray with their nonsense. Corporate worship under these conditions just doesn't work. It becomes individual worship at best, and a mockery at worst.

The measure of it is before our eyes for anyone who has suffered through trying to go: are the sacraments working in your church? Does the tree bear good fruit?

I had thought recently about how few people can get married, have a large family, and generally live this more traditional lifestyle- i.e. going to church, possibly were a more traditional liturgy exists. I realized that, by and large, these families have fathers who are in compromised professions. The doctors who actually have to give the horrendous number of vaccinations in this country. The lawyers. The military who have to participate in some manner in these ungodly wars. They don't necessarily like it, but they are trapped, and it is hard for some to understand a problem when their paycheck necessitates that they do not.

Liturgies- and church in general- shall not begin to work again until there are actually communities again. Local unity is what works, but unfortunately, it is likely illegal, because it cannot brook the state interference and general incompetence. It must be itself. It must be whole. Then a liturgy would begin to form.

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