Friday, June 26, 2015

Can The Republican Learn To Love Nullification?

Now that the Supreme Court appears to have made same-sex marriage legal across the land (who can make something non-existent legal?) I am now wonder what the blowhards that try and pretend that they are conservative will do.

The states that are still run by supposed Christians, conservatives, traditionalists, whatever, ought to now join with their dope-smoking cousins and start passing laws that flout the federal government. You can go look up Tom Woods, or the Tenth Amendment center, or probably a half-dozen other places- like papers from our founder fathers about what they were up to when they wrote the Constitution- and figure this is a legitimate thing for a state to do.

This is all you have left, Republicans. I know you probably won't do it, because you are mostly lawyers, and you and your buddies need the extra money that all the new divorces will bring in. But if there aren't any nullification laws passed, I'm pretty sure we'll see the end of the Republican party very soon.

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