Monday, June 29, 2015

Relentess Propaganda Makes Everything Look Questionable

Given that I know that blacks have, or did have, a rather conservative view about things like what marriage is and abortion, I felt like looking up the past, and asking myself, "self, did anything happen right before Roe v Wade that might have increased racial tensions in order to decrease the likelihood that the elites in this country wouldn't get their way?"

Well, there was Mark Essex. An ex-navy black man who decided to go on a shooting spree in New Orleans. He targeted police.

I have no idea how this was played in the media of the day. There were also other events, no doubt, but I was merely looking for what might have come just before the decision was announced. Maybe I should go looking for one that fits the more modern day requirement of the evil white man being the culprit. I don't have the energy to chase shadows, though.

One of the lasting images that I will always have in my mind is the scene in House of Cards where they are keeping vigil around a police scanner waiting, just waiting for that one death that they can make political hay with. I know it is a fiction; but I also know it is true, that politicians must be doing this stuff. This strange removal of flags from various outlets- and the whisper that it was a government edict- what the hell what that?

Much about today is even more inexplicable than merely looking for the right event to amplify.

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