Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Not Allowed To Love

When I consider a general pattern of love- protection- it often takes the form of an older person telling a younger person not to do something. Usually it is parent to child. It is also older brother to younger sibling. It can also be man to woman.

And whatever it is, it is now reviled.

You don't get the Jenner debacle, nor Dolezal, slut walks, nor the ashen faced look of a divorced dad standing at the check out counter with his already hyped up daughter, with a tactical payload of sugary junk in his cart, not because he thinks it is a good idea, but because he's been beaten by the courts and his ex-wife, and now he dare not even enforce proper nutrition on his child. No, he's just hanging around, watching his own kid imploding.

Men are not allowed to love.

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