Monday, June 15, 2015

Terri Schiavo & Elian Gonzales

This is just a little note on the internet, available to Republican and Democrat alike, to whomever may want to put a little wooden stake directly into dreams of a Bush trifecta. But please note, there isn't magic in a wooden stake; that's just what folk had back in the day. No, to keep the undead properly in their place, you simply need a strong stake, with enough length to go through the heart and into the ground. That way, they may wiggle, but they can't get up. So go ahead and use a five foot rod of steel.

But anyway, you may have utterly no idea why Terri Schiavo or Elian Gonzales were ever even news stories. You don't need to know. You need merely utter their names- or if you are a democrat have someone else utter their names- and point out that as governor the Jeb did nothing. Oh, he made a few noises, but he did not risk himself or his office for his perceived values.

Trumpet it to the heavens. As a governor, he could have legally interfered. Oh, he might have gotten in trouble, but what's trouble to the elites? A court opinion that says he was naughty?

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