Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Struggle For Perfection Is the Solution To Antiracism

I hold that the Trinity is a mystical explanation of our relationship with perfection. Perfection is one; it is itself- it defies categorization precisely because the categories we hold are born of the earth. All words are unsatisfactory, including the word 'god' because men know of many gods, none of whom should be included in the same category as God.

Perfection surpasses being. Thus three can be one, for the One is perfection, and the three exist within that perfection. Perfection can become man, but in becoming man, cannot become less than itself. Among the mysteries of the Trinity, Christ shows the way for us to become perfect, not as men claim today, by founding this or that religion, but by being both God and Man.

From a societal perspective, it should be easy to see what such orientation suggests. We should seek to become perfect- try to make great strides forward when we can, and when we cannot, try to at least improve a little over what we were before. This is a struggle, one well known to the pagans, for they sought to become gods as well, and it is Christ as the answer to this struggle that meant so many conversions to Christianity in the first place.

But this is mostly lost, and is precisely why religion is currently no answer to antiracism or any of the progressive mindset. Progressives are against the struggle. They do not want to improve themselves. Consider when you encounter antiracist nonsense- Bruce Charlton likely encounters it while trying to discuss IQ research. I have encountered it via the Neanderthal DNA and intelligence correlation, and when discussing various political issues.
I believe the concerted effort to keep this nonsense up actually comes from a rather small group of white elites who want to hold positions of power that are putatively based on merit. The white cultural Marxist is too busy spreading propaganda to teach, so those of her students who have less intelligence fare worse. She therefore believes all tests are racist, and to whatever extent she can enforce that idea, she can continue in her position rather than having to surrender it to a lower status, but more intelligent individual who would do a better job for all students involved. She takes advantage of the fact that this individual is likely a straight while male by, again, claiming racism.

There are, of course, analogs to the white Cultural Marxist all through Christianity. Antiracism has been made part of the creed, and since orientation towards perfection no longer functions as a parameter for society, the focus of religion becomes distorted, and in some cases, inhuman.

This is where we are. There are denominations with better doctrine and practices, but the idiots are everywhere. A well governed society simply cannot be created as long as these people have positions of power, because they seek to remove the parameters via which societies become healthy.

The Mormon god, is much more like the gods the pagans knew, and they very likely would have ignored it. It does not meet our evolutionary needs in this space, nor do I think it consistent with revelation. At the moment, I don't think religions are working very well at all, and things that are working tend to be secular in nature, but centered around some aspect of society in which there are clear objectives. If you are a leftist hippie who decides to go off grid and farm, congratulations, you have just set yourself up with some real objectives, and serious consequences should you fail. You will now proceed to do more good than comfortable little conservatives in their ivory towers.

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