Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Value of the Work Versus The Value of the Living

Recently I have been noticing a lot of living wage arguments. They always talk about the value of the person, but never the value of the work, as if we can just pay people a living wage regardless of what they do. We already have massive misallocation of resources due to central bank and high finance shenanigans, how much worse shall it become?

If the work done doesn't bring in enough to pay this living wage, then the position won't continue to exist. Further, for every situation in which there is not clarity on the subject, and the position isn't immediately liquidated, then the position holder's living wage will endanger everyone else's.

This is basic math. People are doing a great disservice disseminating this idea. I know a small group of older alcoholics willing to do stuff for cigarette and beer money, but in most cases, it isn't worth the price, unless you just really can't stand cutting your own grass or whatever. But at least these old guys will cut a lawn or whatever and something actually gets done. The history of bad ideology in this country means there are an awful lot of people who have insulated themselves from objective performance reviews, so this is already an issue.

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