Monday, July 27, 2015

Crimes Motivated By Love

That Dylan Storm Roof guy was indicted on a federal level largely for the 'hate.' The confederate flag is stated to be a symbol of hate. And any sort of christian morality passed down from parent to child is considered hate, especially among the transgendered/gay movements.

In more sane times, people were aware of the fact that parents generally told their children what to do because they loved their children.

It occurs to me there are more crimes now, more worrying crimes, happening because of love now. If those who love you are so misinformed, then their crimes are visited upon you with out the early warning system that hate provides.

Rather high on the list is mothers who send their children to psychiatrists and psychologists. The drugs the psychiatrists provide alter neurochemistry and tend to create a less than favorable metabolic environment, rendering children even more likely to be fat, unhappy, and likely to get detached enough from other people to do things a normal biological level of empathy tend to keep in check. Additionally, counselling is the progressive version of confession, although, instead of confessing sins, they generally encourage them. A while back I watched a bunch of crap with Slavoj Žižek and some of his fellow philosphers in it, and they use counselling as part of their religious practice- and believe me this is a religious practice. It is an article of faith among them that all families are dysfunctional. Continuous therapy is necessary to maintain whatever passes for equilibrium in the progressive mind. Otherwise something entirely akin to repentance might set in.

Recently Vox Day posted about Moira Greyland, in which she appears to confirm a similar mentality among the rainbow crazies- basically that everything will be wonderful if children are habituated to deviancy, and it is only the horrible old family unit holding everyone back from a sexual utopia.

Recently, I was considering something else- namely how many people I know who are Christian, appear to love Jesus, and yet think/say He is a revolutionary. This is, at the very least, blasphemy. Heresy too, but hey, we are in multi-denominational land here, and we've got to discriminate a little bit between the mostly idiotic masses and the few genuine thinkers who might be honored with and/or actually deserve the label of heresy.

Anyway, it is an objective blasphemy, yet this blasphemy is often spoken in love. Most people are vaguely aware that things should be different, and can't imagine a massive change happening on such a scale not being a revolution. The net effect is highly damaging to Christianity; whatever last year's progressive got pushed through societal institutions tend to be defended as part of Christianity.

Wherever you see the word hate in modern discourse, you see a progressive propagandistic statement. DSR's crimes are what they are, whether he hated, loved, or was indifferent. Additionally, the continued mantra about hate is an attempt to push all progressives along- including so-called Christians. Who else could this be for? People who actually hate don't care. It's people who don't hate and don't want to be associated with hate who care, and those people are precisely this great wobbly mass of people who love Jesus but apparently don't know Him well enough to understand revolutionaries are against Him, not for Him.

In this day and age, you almost have to worry more about what's done in love. It won't be too long until killing under certain circumstances will be considered loving. Progressives don't have to get rid of Christianity- they just have to tweak it a little, and they already have gnostic thought to draw on.

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