Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Underlying Lesson From The Cuckservative Meme

The failure of conservatives to understand the metaphor.


Very appropriate description of the GOP from a political standpoint.

I don't think they can make a defense, and any authentic attempt at a defense doesn't include cries of racism.

Additionally, it uncovers a real conservative problem- their abdication of any consideration of family formation in this country. This doesn't have to be a racist issue- I mean, surely minorities would be better served if they had better family formation too. But I guess it trends towards something considered racist, since white people are just less likely to have children under these conditions.


Nathaniel said...

It's terrible. Think what might happen if people have families, and then extended families, and actually care about them. Maybe it would lead to a sense of responsibility, and community, heck it might even be the basis of society.

Oh wait, what do conservatives stand for again?

The Anti-Gnostic said...

Even worse, it might lead to ... a smaller, less-intrusive State! Stricter standards for public behavior! Less unwanted babies!

Honestly it could be Armageddon.