Friday, July 31, 2015

Predicting the Cuckoldry: Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is engaged in evil. If said evil were completely and totally banned, like real conservatives would want, there would be no more Planned Parenthood, and no more legal abortion. Obviously, the supply of fetal body parts would dry up.

How to do this? Well, the primary thing is to find things, like the nullification arguments that were used in support of legalizing marijuana, and use them as an argument. The second thing to do would be coordinate across different government levels. It would be good of those in congress to provide cover should it be determined that the governors would be the ones initiating the action. The third thing? Prepare to back your play up with force.

There was also Ron Paul's approach. It would have put the abortion question back on the states, and is very likely to be consitutional.

But lets face it, we don't have conservatives, we have cuckservatives, and they are starting to get worried that folks might be noticing they are fakers.

Here is my prediction- they may even manage to take down Planned Parenthood. It depends on how scared they are, and how much political capital they feel they need to spend on their image on this subject. But they won't try to do any actual banning of abortion. Rather, abortion and the trade in fetal tissue will be absorbed into the larger medical industry.

The big medical facilities can handle this stuff internally, so the fetal trade won't show up as trade. Rather, what will likely happen is that newer bio-tech companies will have to associate themselves with the larger medical facilities in order to get access. This could take many forms, but the essential point is that you can bet it will be very lucrative to the existing medical facilities, and it won't look like a direct trade to unsuspecting Americans.

It is worth noting now that the trade in human organs in general, has developed in this weird way were the person donating isn't supposed to receive renumeration, yet the various medical personnel make money all along the way on a transaction that can't take place unless an organ is donated. The larger medical corporations already know how to play this game. If there is profit to be had in fetal tissue, you can bet they'll find it, and then abortion will suddenly become a standard of care- perhaps even incentives will be given for women to have abortions.

So, this is the nature of the political cuckoldry I expect from the GOP. They may even keep Planned Parenthood around so that they can release these sorts of videos every time a political race starts heating up. Meanwhile, the meaningful evil, and the profits derived there of, shall be moved into the sorts of big corporations that fund Republican and Democrat alike. Abortion and trade in fetal tissue shall become a protected profit center, and these political creeps who pretend like they care about this issue will be well taken care of by these very corporations.

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