Wednesday, July 29, 2015

The Zombie Socialists Must Be Contagious

I am still seeing conservatives engaging in gleeful 'hate the racist' snark with regard to this cuckservative meme.

I can only conclude that this is some sort of politically transmitted disease, if you would permit me to extend the metaphor.

The zombies have reached critical mass.

Millions of deaths via legal abortion versus the incoherent hate of a bunch of mostly peaceful people who could easily be made more happy if their Constitutional rights of freedom of association and private property were restored to them- no, I don't get it.

Clearly there are severe psychological effects to political cuckoldry.

I don't vote anymore, and I don't think you should either. There are no legitimate candidates. They all want to violate the Constitution in some manner, except, of course, that one manner in which perhaps you violate the letter in order to attain the spirit.

So, instead of the right to life being protected, we get a huge 'pro-life' professional lobby- who will go out of business if it ever gets banned- and those lobbyists go hang out with the medical industry lobbyists. They then proceed to pass the recent laws that look like an attack on the abortion industry, but are really the sort of regulations the big medical corporations can handle quite well. These laws are, in fact, meant to shut down all the little clinics, and move abortion into the larger hospitals and medical facilities. This is atheist corporatism at its finest. The big medical industries can now count on the abortion revenue stream, and enjoy high barriers to entry- meaning nobody will be able to out compete them.

If you are pro-life and you voted Republican, surely you can see how the term cuckold is apropos. Fussing about the sudden appearance of racists, especially when you are white and subject to the epithet yourself, just makes your case of zombie socialism look that much more severe.

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