Friday, September 4, 2015

Criminal Judge Bunning

U.S. District Judge David Bunning you are guilty of misusing your office and falsely imprisoning a woman clearly adhering to her duties as described by Kentucky law.
When the Constitution is contradicted by the Supreme Court, it is not appropriate for you, or for that matter, anyone else, including all of our cuckservative governors to simply leave these issues unchallenged, and then victimize citizens, using pathetic and flimsy excuses.

This is one of the reasons all the republican governors running for President poll at nothing. You all suck. There is nullification. There is the tenth amendment. If you have a cooperative legislature, you could have held an emergency session, ended licensing of marriage in your state, and you could have hobbled the divorce industry too, while you were at it. This woman wouldn't be in jail, and I doubt anyone is going to go to court to sue the state to recognize their divorces as divorces if they end up in civil court.

We are rapidly nearing the end of the American experiment. The republic is dead. The checks and balances haven't worked, not since the Civil War, because the real check on Federal power are states intent on keeping D.C. from over-reach. Sometimes you have to use state government resources to protect your people from the federal government and/or the effect of the federal government. Increasingly, it is all the time- as it may well be economically worth it to use state revenues to minimize the effects of federal regulation. It is certainly worth it to keep your people out of jail. I know the Kentucky governor is a Democrat, but we are talking about Kentucky here. I'm betting he relies more on Christian voters than gay voters.


Nathaniel said...

When the Bible tells us to visit those imprisoned, I believe it means specifically people like the clerk who are persecuted for their faith.

August said...

It would be heartening to hear that she has more visitors than she has visitation time, but more heartening still to hear she has been freed.