Thursday, September 3, 2015

Let's End A Few Conversations

Despite the reality that my rights to keep and bear arms shouldn't be infringed, well, they are. And right now the anti-gun crowd is gearing up for another round of 'having a conversation,' which is sort of code. Until recently, we were 'having a conversation' in Syria- i.e. a constant attempt to legitimize the idea of overthrowing Assad, until they went with creating ISIS, and then it was a pretend war against ISIS in Syria, with an eye towards making sure any targets hit hurt Assad at least as much as they hurt ISIS, assuming they hurt ISIS at all.

Then, thankfully, Putin sent Russian soldiers in, to fight ISIS, protect Assad, and the Russian interests. Europe ought to be glad; they might have a chance to ship everybody back. In any case, Putin ended this damnable 'conversation' the West was having. I hope the folks in D.C. aren't stupid, and they understand their plans have been masterfully dashed.

But, anyway, over here, they are going to try and have this conversation while there are already all sort of hoops to jump through to be able to keep and bear arms. The normal, almost autistic libertarian way to argue this is to argue principle, and we lose.

I want to argue damages. If you are anti-gun, you owe me a gun. You owe me the training that would have almost certainly been a part of my education had people like you not been in charge of part of it. You should recompense me, for paperwork and perhaps even emotional damages. You owe me ability to keep and bear arms, whether I want to conceal or not, sans any sort of documentation, unless of course, you just want to give me a nice shiny badge.

To be clear, it isn't the government I seek damages from. It is the person trying to engage me in this 'conversation.' It is not a conversation but an usurpation of my rights, rights that exist regardless of the fact that I can't currently find a court in this country sane enough to find for me.

And to those pro-gun folks who like to say enforce the existing laws- stop! The second amendment is very clear that they should not exist.

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Anonymous said...

My grandfather had a gun when he was 8. He hunted skunks and sold their pelts (back then, they were de-stinked, the stripe was dyed black, and they were sold in Europe as "American sable;") saved up his money for a mule when he was 11 or so. Went into mule-trading.

I watch the kids today, and think about this often.