Friday, November 20, 2015

Thirty Three Betrayers

The governors who have petulantly told the Federal government they didn't want any Syrian immigrants have failed us. Obviously, it is not a good idea to bring in Syrian immigrants that we can't vet right now, but the reason I call these governors betrayers is because, once again, they use misdirection, and symbolic gestures that solve nothing.

It is, however, within these governors' power to train and arm most of their citizens. Think about it. A lot of these guys are allegedly pro-gun too, and they can shift that debate, if every citizen who is able bodied and competent has a civic duty to keep and bear arms. Don't forget to supersede the gun-free zones, and, of course, everyone will need to be able to carry concealed.

Anyone proud of these governors needs to check themselves. Why should you be proud of people who don't do what they actually can do and instead posture? Many may think this idea is overkill, but so what? Part of the reason the Paris attacks happened the way they did is because the people can't legally carry there.

And from a political perspective, there is nothing to distinguish these people. That's why Trump can win, assuming he stays in, doesn't get assassinated, and commits to spending (some) money. They feed right into his characterization of them- weak. If you are a governor, and you want credibility in this day and age, you have to risk. You have to show yourself putting yourself in potential danger from the federal government in the service of your people.

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