Monday, November 16, 2015

Why The Military Industrial Complex Ought To Support Trump

Nearly all our potential leaders are sold out to the M.I.C. in one way or the other. Additionally, since bureaucratic rot has been allowed to take hold, there are more and more military activities being performed completely by 'private' entities.

Our more pathetically bought political candidates offer the M.I.C. a return to the cold war. Rebuild the sixth fleet, says Fiorina. Nearly every nut job says put a no fly zone over Syria- something that will only effect Russia and the Syria government- not our putative enemies.

While the lucrative military contracts may be attractive, the newer permutations of the M.I.C. will not find pushing Russia (and China) around so attractive.
You want to sell the government a military solution, but, ideally, you don't want to get shot.

Think Italian city-states and their mercenaries.

So, Trump, first of all, actually sounds sane in comparison to the rest, which means he is unlikely to get people blown up. Secondly, Trump's wall and his deportation force would provide lucrative contracts for the new wave M.I.C. Third, this would likely be the beginning of wide scale gazafication, which is extremely lucrative for the
new wave M.I.C..

It starts, as it must, with one wall, once it is perceived as a solution, then it is just as easily implemented everywhere, in no small part because of all the idiots who insist on letting people in- even assuming Trump is actually allowed to get them out in the first place. The left, as we see in Paris, shall double down on insisting on letting people in, while smaller jurisdictions and private owners will need M.I.C. services- especially should the continued refusal to allow anyone to defend themselves directly remain in force.

So, wall, surveillance and drone tech, plenty of paid positions for employees or contractors, and home for dinner. Or, meddling in the Ukraine, Syria, the South China sea, or some other place where there are still professional militaries unaffected by modern progressive nonsense. If I were involved in the industry, I'd pick Trump. It will be both lucrative and more conducive to long term health.

None of this, of course, is what I want, but I am pretty sure gazafication is what is coming.

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