Friday, January 8, 2016

Bureau of Land Mismanagement

Well, what can be said? Obviously, large swathes of the American human population should not be allowed to vote. If they can't take the time to figure out that these ranchers have been unfairly treated by the government, then not only can they not help us solve our problems, they can't solve their own. This was already obvious with the Soros funded incoherency of the black lives matter crew, but the whole cloth made up crap about these ranchers- well, it is insane.

Anyway, not only is the Bureau of Land Management unconstitutional, it is just plain wrong about how to improve the ecology of prairie lands. These lands were, in large part, created by large herds of wild animals, and in order to strengthen and/or restore them, since we don't have large herds of wild animals, we need to use large herds of tame animals to mimic wild herd grazing patterns. Who would do such a thing? RANCHERS!!!!

Since the 70s or whatever, the BLM has been pushing ranchers off the land, and they are still trying to do so now, after Allan Savory and a plethora of others have tested and proved out the fact that large ruminant animals need to be part of the ecological systems. By simple logic, if the cattle are needed, so are the ranchers. Of course there is this whole other environmental reality about private property owners being far more concerned with the health of their land than bureaucrats in government agencies, but this knowledge has also appeared to escape the idiots.

There's plenty more. I noticed a stupid Slate article trying to rebut Savory's Ted talk, so I threw up Greg Judy and Mark Shepard here as well. You can go on youtube and find plenty of people experimenting with styles of grazing, reducing their costs, improving their soil, and even sequestering carbon- whether you think that is relevant or not. I like Mark Shepard's style of adding tree crops to the mix to create a silvopasture model, but what is most clear here is that no one really switched on about ecology would be pulling the kind of crap that the Bureau of Land Management does.

Somebody really needs to get those ranchers out of jail. We need more ranchers, less government.

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