Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Social Science Stuff

Research still needs to be done with methodological individualism. This is not ideology, but instead an understanding of where decision making happens.
People make decisions individually. This actually seldom leads to a situation where they make decisions atomically or randomly.

People are related to other people. We tend to group certain people- fathers, siblings, uncles, etc... they tend to do similar things because of the nature of their relationships and biology. It should be obvious any serious social scientist would reject the idea that gender is a social construct. Society is emergent, more arguably a construct itself, of biology and relationships.

Even the floundering swan song of these pathetic excuses for academics is subject to our perceptions. We are habituated to a sense of abundance, but it is slowly changing. The Europeans were so habituated to abundance, their leaders thought they could just let in and share with a very large number of other people, who do not have the same values or ideas that Europeans generally tend to have. This sort of situation rather quickly changes our perception.

There are two buckets into which you could put most social science research- outright fraud, and fairy tale. In the light of violence and fewer resources, suddenly the people, all individuals begin to respond to their own needs. They are all mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, etc...- in particular times and particular places, and they feel responsibilities to particular people. They will respond individually, but at a macro level much of their behavior can be predicted- not necessarily in a sense of putting a time and location on the next European civil war, but in the sense of knowing fathers will want to protect their daughters. They may be quite unused to protecting their daughters at a time when traditional male behavior is massively discouraged, but there again, mothers and daughters will quickly begin to appreciate traditional male behavior as they begin to perceive themselves in a high threat environment.

To re-iterate, it is precisely because the least individualistic among us will make decisions based on his or her conceptualization of their responsibilities to others, in their particular network of living relationships, that methodological individualist approach needs to be taken. I am not sure of how to express this more clearly. The people no longer want fairy tales, and they are going to start getting very angry about the fraud.

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